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How Does it work? The Technology behind MyFiles

This site is based on a technology called WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning)

WebDAV is a way of downloading files through the internet, in the same way as you download pictures or freeware programs from websites. Traditionally, you would see a listing of your files as a web page with a series of links (the simple view that you get here if you use a non-IE browser.)

However, Windows supports opening these folders as if they were a proper directory on your computer. This lets you see the icons, programs that your documents can be opened with, and the proper folder structure.

You can access this friendly view in two ways using the myFiles site.

One way is to use Internet Explorer with Windows XP and just login to myFiles. You then get a button, which asks Internet Explorer to open your web folder in the bottom frame of your browser window.
If this works well, you are prompted for your username (enter just the username with no prefixes, slashes, @s or anything) and password. You can then drag your files to a local drive and work on them.

If your computer is running on Windows Vista, this may not work too well, despite the version of Internet Explorer being the same. We are hoping to get the friendly folder view working with Vista soon.
Vista does still work with web folders in explorer:

The other way to view your files in a nice folder view is to connect a 'new network location' to your web folder from Windows explorer.
This adds a location in My Network Places, which you can then click on at any time and open you M: drive. The instructions for connecting a web folder in explorer are found here

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